Spiritual Leadership

Mailing Address:
320-D Briarwood Drive
Jackson, MS 39206
Phone: 601.354.0515

Larry Hilliard, Director

Rev. Dr. Larry Hilliard, director of spiritual leadership, serves as a liaison between the board of ordained ministry and the cabinet. All clergy and certified lay persons relate to the office of spiritual leadership. Hilliard assists district committees on ordained ministry in carrying out their functions as it relates to candidacy, mentoring and training. Clergy support and training are responsibilities of this office.

Angela Griffin, Associate Director

Griffin works together with staff, boards and committees to continually call, equip, assess and deploy excellent laity into all areas of vital ministry. Spiritual leadership is intentional about equipping the saints for the work of discipleship through ongoing theological and spiritual formation of laity in our conference. Additionally, spiritual leadership helps sow the Core Value of apprenticeship deep in the soil of the conference. 

Dorothy Ellis, Executive Assistant

Ellis provides services to the conference board of ordained ministry and its subcommittees: candidacy/clergy mentor, district committee on ordained ministry, new appointee orientation, lay on-site visitation, local pastor licensing school and residency in ministry. Ellis organizes and manage the candidacy process for commissioned, associated membership and recognition of orders. Ellis collects and provides data for the Board of Ordained Ministry of the annual conference in preparation for the clergy session (business of the annual conference –BAC), service for ordering of ministry and retirement service. Ellis also works with seminary students and makes arrangements for the ministerial education scholarships and works closely with the director of spiritual leadership in all aspects of the spiritual leadership functions.