Preservation Funds

By action of the 2018 Session of the Mississippi Annual Conference, a property preservation fund was established and funding is well underway. You may recall that this motion came to the floor of annual conference during the family conversation time when Bishop Swanson and our chancellor, Clifford Ammons, were explaining our situation with the Louisville First United Methodist Church and the departure of a large number of members of that congregation. 

Rev. Jerry Chapman made the following motion:

"I move that the conference direct its treasurer’s office to establish a property preservation fund open to donations from congregations, clergy and laypersons, to help fund the debt taken on by the Mississippi Annual Conference for church properties by any church seeking to leave The United Methodist Church, and that an indication of the amounts received for this fund be posted on the conference website."

After numerous speeches in favor of this motion were made, the conference adopted the motion. 

Upon returning from annual conference session, a number of conference employees have made contributions for the next year by having a monthly deduction coming out of their paychecks. These funds are being placed in a fund called the Louisville FUMC Fund which will be utilized to fund the ministry of that church as it begins to rebuild and grow strong. 

As of May 24, 2019 we have received $3050 for the Property Preservation Fund and $12,250 for the Louisville FUMC Fund. Listed below are the generous donors to these two funds: 

Bishop James Swanson
Delphine Swanson
Reverend Jimmy Barnes
Martha Bennett
Reverend Gene and Carolyn Bramlett, Jr
Reverend George and Patricia Buell
Reverend Jerry and Diane Chapman
Reverend Stephen Cook
Reverend Cynthia Cross
Reverend Darian Duckworth
Reverend Rickey Haynes
Reverend Heather Hensarling
Reverend Larry Hilliard
Reverend Byrd Hillman
Marvin and Carole Hurdle
Reverend Embra Jackson
Dr. Ed and Joanne Jones
Reverend Steven "Rusty" Keen
 Stephen and Beverly McAlilly
Reverend Raigan Miskelly
Reverend Jim and Helen Orman
Reverend Dural "Raggy" Ragsdale
Reverend Andy Ray
Reverend Lindsey Robinson
Reverend Connie Shelton
David Stotts
Reverend Bruce and Susan Taylor
Larry Williams
Dr, Scott and Denise Wright

If you would like to donate to either one of these funds, please mail your check to the conference office at:
MS Conference of the UMC
320-A Briarwood Drive
Jackson, MS 39206

Please indicate on your check which fund you would like to receive your contribution. The two funds are as follows:

Preservation Fund Established at the 2018 Session of the Mississippi Annual Conference to help pay the debt of the churches that the conference has decided to keep open
Louisville FUMC Fund Established to help pay the costs for Louisville FUMC as it continues to make disciples of Jesus Christ in the Louisville area
320 Briarwood Drive
Jackson, MS 39206
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