Clergy Excellence Definition

Clergy Excellence is derived from a relationship with God through Jesus Christ that exhibits a Spirit-led call from God to be set apart for ministry:


  • High Christian Character in every aspect of their life and ministry

              Lives with integrity, faith and authenticity

              Demonstrates holiness of heart and life

  • Attentive to the pastoral needs of the congregation and community

              Build relationships

              Mission and evangelism

              Ministry of caring

              Pastoral presence


  • Clearly communicates the Gospel through the lens of the Wesleyan tradition

              The three-fold fullness of God’s grace

              Firm grasp of Scripture, tradition, reason and experience and the ability to convey them to others

              Engage in lifelong learning


  • Dedicated to making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world who bear fruit with regard to: 





  • Able to organize and implement all aspects of the Church’s Order  by:             

               loving, learning and leading together

               done in collaboration with laity

               forming teams for ministry