UMM Cook Team at Manhood Camp


By Andy Tentoni, Mississippi Conference President of United Methodist Men

The United Methodist Men (UMM) cook team of First United Methodist Church Columbus stay in high demand! During the weekend of Friday, June 27, 2014 we served up a feast of slow smoked ribs and chicken, while on Saturday, we offered up fried chicken tenders to the campers and adult leaders of Father’s Child Ministry’s “Manhood Camp” held at Timberlake Retreat in Millport, Alabama.

Manhood Camp is for young men ages 14-18 who come from homes where a father is not present. They are mentored and taught valuable life skills on what it really takes to be a godly man. Former Mississippi State football standout, Edward Yates, is the pastor/director of Father’s Child Ministry and our UMM support his efforts as often as possible. Among the speakers were former Mississippi State quarterback, Tyson Lee and former MSU basketball player, Tyrone Cunningham.

Not only did we cook and serve the meals, but we also paid for it all which enabled Yates to offer additional scholarship spots for more young men to attend. There was plenty of Powerade and ice cold watermelons for everyone, too! By taking care of these meals and extras, we freed up some of the adults to spend more time with their kids. It was a win-win for everyone!

Our cook team thoroughly enjoys serving others with this ministry.

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